Formed by a group of world-renowned art designers, inspiring games creators, and innovators, was born in the Metaverse and this has defined us to this day.

Limited selection from our collections


We are one of the world’s renowned digital art labs , NFT producer , Metaverse Apps innovator, using the latest in game engines , NFT , Blockchain Authentication and Augmented Reality . we provide the highest quality digital fine arts in most affordable price compare with simillar digital arts in the market to enable anyone to obtain and own high quality piece of fine art, we are financially sound group, secured financing for the foreseeable future for any NFT or Metaverse projects. The future of the digital arts and metaverse is NOW , and we will be a substantial part of it. In accordance to market conditions, we are anticipated to design and produce annually between 25 to 30 high-quality collections.


Our vision is to build a billion-dollar IP, We are building a new cross-media WEB3 entertainment IP that includes: video games, a trading card game, digital and physical collectibles, merchandise, fashion, licensing animation.


The entire minted collectibles will be hosted in the form of IPFS files by the most reliable hosting provider in the industry, Your minted NFT will have personal special and unique CID code which is unrepeatable and as the result, you will never lose your NFT on the blockchain network, You will have irrevocable legal and commercial rights to the NFT, and you can use it with your own discretion.

Special Utilities

Owning NFT WORLD GALLERY NFT collection will grant the NFT owner full access to rapidly growing list of utilities such as free minting of 3D NFT from any collection created by us, giveaways of variety NFT future collections and Metaverse projects to be developed by our global studios, Full voting rights in regard to distribution of proceed received from trading commission, Participation in any global events , NFT and Metaverse online free courses , Printed NFT certificate will be sent to the NFT owner upon request, The long and comprehensive list of utilities will be added to the above short list upon completion of the public sale and will be announced publicly on our website and social media accounts.


As coins holder of NFT WORLD GALLERY you will become pro-rata v.i.p member of NFT WORLD GALLERY global NFT platform , the platform goal is to be an extremely utility-driven and plans to bring the ULTIMATE passive reward to its members, Members will accumulate rewards through ongoing community NFT projects, rewards will be issued based on launch proceeds, secondary sales, marketplace fee percentages, airdrops, whitelists, tokenomics, and many, many more benefits that will be added by the NFT WORLD GALLERY in the future, The NFT WORLD GALLERY plans to develop a team that will offer NFT services, education, and awareness to the community, The NFT WORLD GALLERY is community innovating and bringing launches to our community and the NFT world.

All NFT WORLD GALLERY coin holders will divide pro-rata ownership, launch proceeds, and secondary sales for all community NFT projects in NFT WORLD GALLERY. They will also co-own their own NFT marketplace and share a portion of all marketplace sales fees. All rewards will be accessible through wallet connections, staking, and future tokenomics on our marketplace. Holders will also have a hand in building NFT WORLD GALLERY brand as it continues to grow and evolve.

We are committed to building a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) mechanism that will enable community members to participate in project governance and decision-making processes. The DAO will operate as an open, transparent, and autonomous platform where stakeholders can vote on important decisions that affect the project’s future. The token holders will represent ownership and governance rights within the organization and will be used to participate in voting staking, and other activities related to the project.

We anticipated and projected to launch annually  between 24 to 30 of  highly-valued NFT collections  depending on market conditions, NFT WORLD GALLERY  GOLD MINT PASS holders will have early access with a substantial discount price to the public mint price to any collection to be offered by the platform and its  affiliates.

Please stay tuned to our announcements in national newspapers., our social media accounts, and opensea.